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Summer is Passing Fast

Life sure is getting busy and passing quickly.  May and June have been packed with graduation open-houses, graduations, book signings, holidays, birthdays,  family visits, weddings, and book deadlines.  Sprinkled between these activities is the day-to-day running, cleaning, cooking, and laundry.  You know, those domesticated chores that don’t take up any of your time.  The boys seem to be running full tilt in opposite directions and I’m having a difficult time keeping up with them.  Occasionally, we slow down and enjoy some time together, but those times sure do not seem to be as frequent or last as long as they did when they were younger.

July and August do not seem to be showing any signs of letting up.  There will be more book signings for Torn Hearts, travel, moving into dorms, senior pictures to be taken, marching band, football games, and more deadlines as the release of Calling Me Home draws near.  I’m considering foregoing house cleaning to see if anyone other than myself notices.  I did this once before, but it did not pan out like I had envisioned.  My husband found the whole scenario highly entertaining though.

I have found myself trying to focus on the brighter side of having a son move out of the house and into the dorms.  So far only one stands out.

His Room Will Stay Cleaner Longer

I’m not sure this is much to consider since I have learned to simply close the door.  🙂  Thankfully, life is busy now and when the time comes to drop him off and drive away, I will have much to keep me busy.  I’m guessing it will be good for him too.  It would be a downer to call home or stop by and find everyone in a holding pattern because you’ve moved on to new adventures in your own life.  Instead, I hope to stay busy and have things to tell him about too.

So in spite of feeling somewhat overwhelmed at the moment, this too is a blessing.


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The Best Sons and a Happy Home

It is a blessing to have wonderful children.  My sons are a blessing to me.  In years past, and occasionally still, I tell them, “Thank you for making me happy to be a mom.”  Parenting hasn’t been without its share of struggles.  But it is those struggles, or more the overcoming them, that has made it a joy to be called a mom.  My sons are not perfect and for that I am thankful because I am not a perfect mother.

Each phase of parenting has brought more joy than pain, and more reward than loss.  Each child brings their own uniqueness to our family, and when they are not present there is a  gap that can not be filled.  It has been the simple, unplanned days when laughter fills the house, I often find myself watching them with each other or their dad, more a spectator, but a content one.  The silliness that is revealed when they let their guards down still cause my heart to swell.  In those splendid moments of everyday commonness, I take note how my cup overflows.  I am truly blessed.

They have keen minds, and although at times I fail to recognize the blessing it is, I am thankful for the challenges they have brought to the table.  Well, I’m more thankful for some, than others.  I would be amiss to say I did not feel the loss of the days when they were infants.  I wish I hadn’t dwelt on the lack of sleep as much as I did.  It is a trivial thing now.  The terrible two’s were not so terrible.  I loved the toddler years.  Never has my heart swelled so much as the times when they would run to me with bright eyes to show me a caterpillar, a butterfly, a rock, or simply want a hug.  Out of everyone in the world, they wanted to share their discoveries with me.  It was me they wanted to fix the boo-boo.  If I had only realized how quickly those years would pass.

They still have a sense of adventure, what started out as explorations of trees and creeks has matured into seeing how they fit into the world around them and how can they help make it a better place.  They no longer run to show me small creatures or want me to fix their boo-boos.  Instead, they will ask about my thoughts on politics or other controversial topics.  Rarely, will they agree with me.  Though at times this is frustrating, I have found if I do more listen, really what they are doing is thinking out loud, sorting out their own thoughts and ideas.  I am learning to be a better soundboard.

Now as they are nearing manhood, I see them looking up to their father for an example of what a man is, even though in stature they are taller than he.  I am not certain when the focus changed from me to him, but again, I am thankful and count myself tremendously blessed.  For my husband is a wonderful example of what a good man is.  He lives it daily for them to see, bringing a hope to our futures and the sense of security that only comes when a man claims the job given to him by our God.

I must close now, for I have lost count of my many blessings and my cup has overflowed onto the floor.   May the spills on your floor be the many blessings of a happy home.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads who have claimed their job.


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Upcoming Book Signings in Nebraska and Missouri

It seems coffee houses are the hot spot for book signings lately.  I like the more intimate setting and hope those who attend like it too.  It is a more relaxed atmosphere… and who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee or tea?

In Nebraska, I will be at:

Meadowlark Coffee and Espresso

1624 South Street

Lincoln, NE

June 18, 2011


In Missouri, I will be at:

Hub Bikes and Beans

811 N. Boonville Ave

Springfield, MO

July 9, 2011



Dancing Mule Coffee

1945 S. Glenstone Ave

Springfield, MO

July 9, 2011


I look forward to seeing you all there!

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Graduation, Interview, Contests, and Book Signings… Could life be any busier or more rewarding?

My oldest son graduated from high school this past Sunday.  I’ll take a moment to claim bragging rights and tell you of his accomplishments.  First, he was in the Top 3% of his class.  Actually, he was third in his class of over 500!  He was on the Honor Roll his whole high school career.  Literally, he had straight A’s all the way through.  Since some of the classes were weighted his GPA was just under 5.0.  How cool is that?!  He was awarded the Regents, Raikes, and Honors scholarships, among some others.  This is covering the costs of his entire college career!  I am super proud of him and his accomplishments.  He has worked extremely hard and is now reaping the benefits (and so am I, he is saving me a ton of money :D).  Seriously though, I am tremendously proud of him.  Along with his brainiac mind is a loving and tender heart.  This I am most honored to have the privilege to know.

I completed an interview for The Romance Reviews.  It will be running the month of June.  Check it out and enter to win a free copy of Torn Hearts.  Simply sign in/create a free account and leave a comment at the end of the interview.  I also have another contest starting June 8, 2011 on their website for 3 Special Edition Hardcover books.  You can find them under “contests”.  Be sure and enter.

Also, I will be having a book signing in Lincoln, Nebraska at Meadowlark Coffee and Espresso on June 18, 2011.  And two book signings in Springfield, Missouri on July 9,2011 (between these is a wedding for a young couple I am honor to know).  I will have more details soon on those.  I look forward to all who can make it.

Later this month my youngest son will be having his seventeenth birthday.  I am continually reminded of the considerate and loving person he is.  Sometimes I find myself wishing I had a sense of humor like his.  He is a total joy to be around!  I count my blessings daily for him and those I am fortunate and blessed to have in my life.  As busy as life is right now, it could scarcely be more rewarding.  My cup overflows!

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