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Home Safe and Sound and Wonderful News for Torn Hearts

This weekend was most certainly productive.  I completed seventy scrapbook pages!  The drive back was a tad stressful due to the snow-covered roads.  Well, the roads were not as stressful as the eighteen wheeler that wanted to pass by way of bullying me to the shoulder.  It goes without saying that I am thankful to be home typing up an entry for my blog.

While in Kansas City working on my scrapbooks, I finished early so I worked a little on my latest manuscript.  I also visited with those I hadn’t seen in a while.  It never fails to be an encouragement to see them.  I feel truly blessed to know them.

This week I am pleased to announce there are now three locally owned bookstores carrying autographed copies of Torn Hearts. Two are in Nebraska and one is in Missouri.  I am grateful to them for supporting me; stop in and visit them if you are in the area.

In Nebraska:

Chapters Books & Gifts

548 Seward Street

Seward, NE 68434



Stockwell Pharmacy

3811 South 27th Street
Lincoln, NE 68502-5700
(402) 423-8588


In Missouri:

Oasis Christian Bookstore

102 West Columbia Street
Farmington, MO 63640-1719
(573) 756-9494


I will close for now, wishing everyone safe travels and many blessing in the family and friends that you have.


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My First Blog… EVER!

As a writer I work better with paper and pen.  So, needless to say I am thrilled at having set up my own blog account without the aid from those more techno savvy (teen sons and husband).  I must admit, the brilliant minds behind WordPress have made it easy to maneuver through this site.  To them, I tip my hat.

So what is this blog going to be used for?  Well, I’m still not completely sure yet.  I hope for it to be many things, but I know that I want to use it as a forum to communicate with those interested in my writing and as a way to try to open up to the public about myself a little more.  By nature I am not a social butterfly, so speaking about myself does not come naturally.  This can be a problem when you want to connect more with your readers.  Also, I want this to be a place where my readers can tell me about themselves.

So let’s get started…

On December 14, 2010, my first novel was released.  Torn Hearts is a contemporary romance with all the elements needed for a heart-warming love story.  As someone who has always enjoyed reading and writing, I thought it was the right time in my life to try to get published.  A bucket list item so to speak.  Now that I have accomplished the dream, the desire to continue on press at me.  It is kind of like shaking a bottle of soda and trying to open it without making a mess.  I’ve slightly twisted the cap to release some pressure and control the contents, but now that the first work is published  the ideas for more stories are trying to spew out.  It is an invigorating feeling.

Which brings me to my current status.  While promoting  Torn Hearts I am doing what I imagine other authors do…writing.  I’m trying to push myself to a new level, taking that next step on the proverbial ladder.  The goal to make each new work better than the last, but I’ll leave the final say up to those who are reading my books.

Now, I am off to to a scrapbooking retreat where I will preserve a year’s worth of memories in a single weekend, all without wearing a cape.  I did say retreat, right?  Honestly though, I look forward to this weekend each and every year.   It is a terrific time spent with wonderful women.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with these words…

Enjoy the journey, just make sure the trail you leave is one you want others to know is yours.


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