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Interview with Ballad Publishing’s New Freelance Editor Laine Boyd

I would like to introduce you to Laine Boyd.  She is a freelance editor and recently joined the Ballad Publishing team, bringing with her over 21 years of experience in the legal field, editing, proofreading, and ghostwriting skills. Missouri is her home where she is active in her church, has given her time as a missionary in Romania, and has a soft spot for veterans, to whom she offers her services at a discount to help them tell their stories. She has a love of cooking, 2 grown children, and 3 rescue grandpuppies.

Enjoy the interview and get to know Laine.

What books do you enjoy reading?

I enjoy mysteries and thrillers, biographies, autobiographies, true stories and well written fiction.  I am not a big fan of sci-fi or self-help books.  I like books from authors such as Chuck Swindoll, James Dobson, etc., that discuss spiritual issues, current events, and other matters relative to life.  I am always interested in books on natural or alternative health, and anything on dogs or horses.

 Are these the same genres you prefer to edit?

Yes.  I have a heart for veterans and give a discount to vets and an even deeper discount to combat veterans.  This discount would be for their memoirs, or their stories, as some of our combat vets have a desire to talk about their war experiences and there is a certain kind of healing when they see their stories in print.  For other work, however, the usual rates would apply. I would also be interested in editing a cookbook since I love to cook.  While I have never edited a cookbook before, I have seen several that have made me think, “These people needed an editor!”

 That is funny! And SO true! Are there any genres you are NOT accepting for editing?

I would not do books which present a clear conflict with my deeply held convictions.

 What hobbies do you enjoy?

Reading and writing of course!  However, I do have other interests.  I have been involved in music since the age of 3.  I play several instruments, sing and write music.  I have written a musical and am trying to learn the computer program that will instantly put it on the page. I love, love, love animals and enjoy horseback riding. I am crazy about dogs and horses; St. Louis has a wonderful zoo, so I like to go there as often as possible.  I give cooking classes, both privately and as a group. Lastly, my husband has a stained glass, kiln and woodworking side business and sometimes I am involved in those projects.  I must confess, though, I am not very good at either the glass work or the woodwork, but I do enjoy being involved in the process.  My husband is very talented, and while some women may say they love to watch their husbands work, I really do!

 Tell us a little about yourself.

I have loved to write since my very first writing assignment in the first grade; my classmates all wrote 1 or 2 pages, while my “book” was 10 full pages, with a plot, characters and a happy ending, thus launching my enthusiasm for written expression.  (It also got me a puppy, since it announced to the teacher and the world at large, that my parents wouldn’t let me have one)!  I have a passion for good writing and good stories, whether true or fiction.  I am a confirmed Type A perfectionist and possess all the idiosyncrasies that go along with that.  Faith, integrity, honesty and a solid work ethic are of utmost importance, followed by the ability to laugh hysterically, often at myself.  I am madly in love with my husband and I have his full support in launching my new career. I am into alternative healthcare, organic, gluten-free cooking, nutrition, etc.  Chocolate is a major food group.  Yes, I’m sure.

My life has been full of a wide variety of experiences, including surviving an abusive marriage and divorce, single motherhood, caring for aging and ill parents, and experiencing the healing power of God working directly in my life.  I have done mission work in several areas of Romania, working among the poorest of the poor.  My husband and I currently sponsor two little girls through World Vision, one in India and one in Vietnam.  I am passionate about providing clean water where there is none, and caring for the poor and disadvantaged.  Most consider me a compassionate and generous person with a good sense of humor.

I am the daughter of a disabled veteran and the mother of a son who enlisted after 9-11.  I believe that America will never be able to repay her veterans for their service and sacrifice.  I do not ever take my freedom for granted and have a deep gratitude and appreciation for all who served.

I love animals, flowers, babies and old people.  There is no part of God’s beautiful creation that ever ceases to amaze and enthrall me, but I absolutely do hate bugs.

 I share your feelings about our veterans. Giving them a discount on your services is a wonderful way to give back to them. What services do you offer and what are your regular (non-discounted) fees?

Proofreading (misspellings, mistakes in grammar and punctuation) ($3/1000 words)

Copy editing (style, organization, clarity, tone, formatting, and accuracy of text) ($7/1000 words)

Ghost-writing ($15/hour)

A small amount of research (depending on the subject) ($15/hour)

Convert manuscripts from handwritten or typed (the old fashion way, email or disk) to proper submitting form ($15/hour)

If the author is local we can meet in person, take notes and I can write their story entirely.  I am pretty flexible.  I tend to become quite involved in my projects and authors, and put a lot of time into them.  The fee for this service, which is very personal, would vary by individual.

 That is incredibly generous of your time! Authors will certainly be in good hands with you. How can writers interested in your services reach you?

The best way to reach me is via email at If writers are also going to be looking for a publisher and only need proofreading and/or copy editing, they may want to contact Ballad Publishing through their website, They can request me as their editor upon acceptance of their manuscript. That will help them be one step closer to having their book become a reality.

 Thank you for stopping by today and sharing with us about your work, passions, and life. I’m excited to work with you on the Ballad Publishing team!

Thanks!  I am excited to be a part of the Ballad Publishing Team as well!

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Upcoming Event in Nebraska City, NE

Come out to the Apple Jack Festival for loads of family fun!

I will be joining the Creation and Craft Fair portion of the Apple Jack Festival on Saturday, September 21 (9a-5p) and Sunday, September 22 (10a-4p). I will not be there on Sunday until noon, but I will have autographed books available for purchase during that time.

The location (NCPS Middle School Gymnasium and Commons Area, 909 1st Corso, Nebraska City, NE) is on the parade route which is sure to bring added excitement.

This will more than likely be my last public event for the year.

See you there!

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