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Not Really Feeling the Blog Today

For some reason, I can not explain, I just don’t feel like blogging lately.  So in an attempt to push past it I’m posting a quick update.  No frills included.

Tutoring my Russian student in English is going smoothly.  We are moving to every other week though.  I think she has a fairly busy personal life.  I’ve learned she’s a grandma.  It is exciting to see her eyes light up when she mentions her grandchildren.

The deadline for Calling Me Home is July 31.  It is self-inflicted and I am determined to keep it.  The proposed release date is August 15.  I’m feeling the pressure.  Maybe this could be a contributor to why I don’t feel like blogging.

Steve and Paul are still road-tripping.  I think the mission has been to tackle the east coast one coffee house at a time.  They are enjoying themselves and that is good enough for me.  Although, I do find myself missing the little noises they make when home.  Jared has thoroughly enjoyed their absence, and I’m sure somewhere along the way has missed them a little.

The Torn Hearts book signings in Springfield, Missouri went well.  I was able to sell some books, but more importantly, I was able to visit with some family that I hadn’t seen in almost ten years.  Life certainly has a way of zipping by when your not paying attention.

Next month will be busy!  As is the story of my life.  Jared will be detasseling  corn and have two-a-days for marching band.  Paul will be moving into the dorms.  Steve’s brother will be coming to Missouri and he/we may be going to visit.  Steve will also be hard at work trying to catch up on all the work that patiently waited for him while he was away.  Calling Me Home will be released.  And I will start the sequel later in the month.

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Summer Fun and Family

My niece is visiting this week so I haven’t gotten much work done.  But, the memories we are making are, indeed, priceless.

Last night she had me laughing so hard I couldn’t stop!  We have been running from one activity to the next and always seem to run out of time before we do all we want to.  Today it is lunch at Applebee’s and horseback riding.

We’ve had fun playing jokes on her mom via text messages and have been plotting how to extend the visit.  We know they are on to us, but then, we have never tried to hide our intentions.

Madison, more affectionately known as Moonpie, has been a joy.  She and her mom came to live with us in New York when she was just three months old.  When she was almost three, her and her mom moved into their own apartment.  Steve and I sat in their empty room and cried.  In many ways that prepared us for this year as Paul plans to move out.

Over the years, Madison has bloomed into a sweet, beautiful tween.  She truly has a heart of gold.  Her compassion and care for others surpasses that of most adults, and yet, at the same time, she will talk about not wanting to grow up.  And it is my hope she gets her way, growing up slow like honey dripping from a spoon.

Well, that’s all for this post.  It is cutting into the precious time I have to spend with her, so I must go.

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