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Great Site to Find Ebooks!

A fellow Nebraska author has started an e-book website and it is taking off! I’m adding a link on the sidebar of my blog so you can check it out.  I’ve skimmed through some of the books and I must say, there is a rather nice collection. The layout of the site is easy to maneuver and has a growing variety. I’ve just submitted Calling Me Home to be listed on the site. I’ll let you know when it appears, but until then… Check it out anyway! 🙂

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Farwell, 2011. Hello, 2012!

Well after taking the month of December off, I am finally back to work and totally motivated to get the sequel to Calling Me Home out of my head and into my laptop.  December proved to be as busy as ever.  Of course there were the holidays, company Christmas parties, school functions and company visiting, all of which I enjoyed.  But with all the planning and such that comes this time of year, my writing took a back seat for the month.  There were times I thought my head might explode if I didn’t get a scene written out, so my phone has all these little notes and quotes tucked away in it. Some of them I entered in the grocery check-out line, others in my truck before I went into a store to shop for Christmas gifts, and still others while in the kitchen baking.  No matter where I was, I was glad to have gotten them out of my head and saved somewhere. It will help me to keep my thoughts organized while I frantically try to compile my chapters into a cohesive sequel for you all to enjoy.

I have had some terrific ideas from friends about the sequel and plan to use some of them too. First let’s start with the title so I can stop typing ‘the sequel’.  Finding HomeCalling Me Home was central to Tom and Samantha, so Finding Home is going to be focused on Brian and Taya. I know, I left some of you in a fit of wonder about them. But have no worries, I have big plans for them. As always, I will aim to make you laugh and cry with them while doing my best to make this book better than the last.  There are a few surprises coming and I can hardly wait to hear what you have to say about them.  I do enjoy your feedback.

For book signings, I haven’t finalized any as of yet.  Hopefully, I will be back in Missouri for some around March. In all honesty, I think that will be the only time I have to devote to any. My youngest son, Jared will be graduating high school in May, so we will be having his Open House and graduation. I am so proud of him!  He is planning to go to college for a music major.  He is quite talented, but I’m digressing from the explanation of why I am not having as many book signings lately…  Although, talking about Jared’s accomplishments are far more interesting in my opinion. I am also planning a trip to Ireland/Scotland some time in June or July and plan to be gone for while, but will fill you in on that adventure when I return.  For the book signings though, I hope to be a Barnes and Noble in Kirkwood again.  I am thinking of reaching out a bit and possibly having one in Cape Girardeau.  The media there was encouraging and supportive when I came to Farmington last November.  Also, my cousin thinks I should have one at Hastings in Poplar Bluff.  She’s a smart gal, so I think that is a very good possibility too. I will be sure to update my website and send out invites on facebook when the events are set.

Hope your 2012 has started off with a warm smile.


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