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Book Review: Unforgiving Plains (4 Stars)

With Christmas upon us and hopefully, a wee bit of time to read, I thought I’d share the latest book I read with you. Enjoy! May you find love and joy this winter, and possibly, a quiet moment to curl up with a good book.

Unforgiving Plains is a light romance on the sweeter side. It builds slowly and naturally, letting the reader absorb each moment as the characters mature.

The story begins with the death of Rayna’s estranged father, whom she has not seen in twenty years. The only child raised by a single mother, Rayna, now, an independent, successful woman with an outspoken, stubborn side meets Vince, who is all cowboy, from his chiseled, good looks to speaking few words.

When Rayna’s father dies suddenly, she inherits his ranch that she has grown to loathe and his debt that could drown her financially. Vince, the ranch hand, secretly hopes to purchase the ranch that he has grown to love, but his past intrudes upon his well laid plans.

Rayna leaves the ranch only to return at the encouragement of her mother and a friend to make peace with her feeling for her deceased father. She returns solely to ready the ranch for sale, wanting nothing more than to remove it from her life completely. Rayna and Vince’s lives collide in frustrated attraction and misunderstandings. Theirs is an unlikely romance. On the surface, they have nothing in common. However, as Rayna helps Vince ready the ranch for sale, she begins to develop a fondness for the land and the animals. Vince is haunted by his mistakes and failures and they threaten to ruin what little romantic progress he and Rayna have made. To tell you what they are could give too much of the story away and I don’t want to ruin it for you because I think this is a book many will enjoy.

The only downside for me was the book moved a bit too slow. However, the ebb and flow was smooth with peaks of action sprinkled throughout, a couple which took me by surprise. Although the pace was slower than I prefer and I wasn’t on the edge of my seat, my attention was still engaged throughout the entire story and I had a hard time putting it down once I started reading. This may very well be the way time moves on the plains and, also, the reason I couldn’t put the book down, so I’m not certain the pace will be slow for other readers. It is possible the author wrote this way intentionally, drawing you across the very plains she was envisioning as she wrote. In which case…genius! The characters are believable and real and the book takes you on a realistic journey of the Alberta Plains through the life and trials of a rancher. This is more of a relationship-based book, which I really enjoy. It is a great book to curl up with on a cold night with a cup of cocoa to escape into a beautifully portrayed landscape with characters that you will root for…or possibly, thump on the forehead.

 If you think you’d enjoy reading Unforgiving Plains, here’s a few links to find it.

Unforgiving Plains

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